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Custom Processing of Venison Questions


Q. What is the cost of standard processing?

     A. $125.00 for skinned or unskinned.  However, if you bring your deer to Webb's pre-skinned there WILL be an additonal cleaning fee to cover the dirt and hair removal.

Q.  How long is the waiting period to get your deer meat back.

      A.  It all depends on when you bring your meat in to our shop.  If you bring your deer in to our shop in September and October you have beat the rush of modern gun season and will have it back in approx 2 weeks.  If you bring in during the peak season (November-December) approx 1-8 weeks after you drop it off. 

Q. What does a Standard Process consist of?

      A.  Standard Process includes skinning, cleaning, cutting, and packaging.  Standard Processing cuts include:  steaks, roast, burger, loins, breakfast sausage.  All meat will be packaged and vacuumed air tight.  We will add beef or pork fat to your burger or breakfast sausage for and extra charge. 

Q. How would Webb's like the customer to bring in their deer meat for processing? 

    It A. You can bring in the deer anyway you would like.  We will take your deer whole, quarted up, boned out.  It is okay that the meat is already frozen.  We can make the specialty products from any part of the deer as long as it DOES NOT have any fat added.

Q.  Does Webb's accept whole deer already skinned out?

      A.  Yes, however, there will be a minimum charge of $150.00 (we highly recommend you to let Webb's do the skinning.)

Q.   Do you cape out deer for shoulder mounting?

      A.  Yes, we will cape the deer out for you while you wait or you can leave it with us if you are using any of the local taxidermist. It is the customers responsibility to contact the local taxidermist and let them know that your deer cape is waiting for them to pick up.   There is a $40.00 charge up front for us to cape out the animal.  This charge includes the caping (you will receive the entire hide along with confirmation number back.) and bagging. 

Q.  What information is needed for a person to leave the deer with Webb's for processing?

      A.  When bringing your deer to Webb's for processing you will need to have your confirmation number, name, two contact numbers, email address (if available) and an active mailing address.

Q.  What if you can not find your confirmation number? 

     A.  Kentucky Fish and Wildlife now has a confirmation retrieval number that is only active Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.  The retrieval number for your confirmation number is 1-800-858-1549.




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