How it ALL began!!


The history of our family owned and operated company began in 1963 in the small town of Payneville, Kentucky. My father Martin D. Webb, Sr moved our family from Louisville Kentucky to start up the family business that began as a grocery store with a small retail meat counter. Years later when I, graduated high school at the age of 17, I took over the meat processing operation.

In 1984, I started up the slaughter operation specializing mainly in cattle and hogs. In 1986, I then added a smoke house to the company’s operation to add the options of smoking the ham and bacons for my customers; it was at this time that I also began my career in smoked venison products.

In the year 2000, I expanded my company again with the addition of the USDA inspected building which houses my entire smoked venison kitchen. Since the addition of the smoke house in 1986, we have grown tremendously! We started out with a Summer Sausage and Salami, and now we are making over 30 different products ranging from Jerky, Summer Sausages, Salami’s, Snack Links, and Sausage Links such as polish sausage, to even deli ham and bacon.

In the year of 1997, after graduating high school, my daughter Annie went off to college and earned a dual associates degree and remained here full time after working part-time through her highschool days.  She oversees and manages the office work, customer service end, designs the labels for our private label customers, keeping the inventory of supplies ordered and bills paid. She floats between buildings during the off season of deer and helps with production of the USDA sausage making during spring/summer time.   

In the year of 2004, after graduating high school, my son Trey came on board full-time and began to manage the slaughter operation. This has allowed me to devote the majority of key time and passion to the research and development of sausage making.

Three generations and over 80 years of hard work and combined experience has been dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality of smoked products and processing that anyone can expect from a small country butcher shop.   On May 1, 2013, I made a very hard and long thought out choice to CLOSE the grocery store to allow more time and focus on the meat processing industry.  The building the store was onced housed in will still be the location that you enter to pick up or drop off your meat for processing. Whether you enter into our little country doors or call by phone, these are just a few ways that your business will be greeted with a smile.  

On January 1, 2022, I decided to begin my soft "retirement" and only work during the deer season months.  I will spend more time out and about with my hounds and traveling this great country of America while my life still has some good years available.  It sure has not been a smooth journey since starting in the late 70's, but, oh what a blessed and humble man it has made me.  Without my wonderful and amazing loyal customers there would not be a Webb's Butcher Block and I sure would not be able to pass my legacy down to Trey and Annie as I begin my retirement.  It has truly been a great honor and joy to serve and meet so many great people throughout this sausage journey.  A blessed man I am for sure.  I feel confident that my children will continue my legacy with pride and dignity.   Though a few tweaks and changes may take place with the structuring of the business or how things have to flow due to the changes of time, I can assure one thing that will not change is the taste, quality, and pride that you will get when doing business with my children and their employees.  


GOD BLESS YOU ALL and THANK YOU ALL for the most wonderful, remember, and sucessful years of my journey and legacy of Webb's Butcher Block. 


Marty Webb


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