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Looking for Summer Sausage, Salami, smoked Sausage, snack links, and jerky? Then you have came to the right place. We have Venison, Elk, Bison, Alligator and Beef to offer.   If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 1-270-496-4124 for assistance.

SHIPPING breakdown 

Here is a good breakdown of package quanities for your shipping cost.  When UPS is half way stable. 
We recommend you call and order over the phone for a closer price on shipping. 

1-4 packages will be $?

5-10 packages will be $?

11-19 packages will be $?

20 or MORE packages will get you FLAT RATE of $65.00


You will notice that we are currently OUT of Several  of our JERKY and MEAT STICKS .    We hope to one day have them back...

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