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2023-2024 Smoked Venison Price List
Smoked Venison Price list .pdf
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**If you arrive and we are CLOSED please use the 24hr drop box to the left of the garage doors.  Make sure you get a tag out of the metal box on front porch, fill out COMPLETELY, and place on your deer.   

**PLEASE keep in mind we are in the same boat like every other business in America ?? SHORT STAFFED 

**BE PREPARED TO WAIT AND PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE.  We will NOT turn any deer away but IF time is an issue and you can’t or don’t want to wait, maybe consider quartering and freeze until the rush of modern gun season is over.  

**LASTLY We are doing the best we can folks.




Due to KRS. 150.025 (Power of department to make administrative regulations as to game and fish, including seasons and limits Inclusion of administrative regulations on department's Web site.)   Webb’s Butcher Block in Payneville, KY can NO LONGER accept WHOLE deer (spine and head intact) from ALL bordering states INCLUDING Indiana.   Your TWO (2) options as an Indiana hunter and Webb’s Butcher Block customer are, 1.) Remove the hide, spine and head from the deer and bring us the QUARTERS (hams, shoulders, backstraps).  Then we can cut your hams, shoulders, and backstraps how you want them (steaks, roasts, etc) OR 2.) debone all of quarters, bring deboned meat to us and have your smoked sausage specialties made. 

If you want us to make sausages from your deer we have partnered up with Travis McAfee of  McAfee's Deer Processing..10977 Buffalo Trace Palmyra IN .. 502-643-3916.  Take your deer to them for processing and he will send over meat for us to make your sausages.  


Webb’s Butcher Block is sorry for any inconveniences this law may cause. 


Marty Webb



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