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Snack Sticks 1oz(28g)pkg
Pepperoni(Single Stick Package)

Snack Sticks 1oz(28g)Pkg
Teriyaki Turkey Jerky (Single Strip Package
Teriyaki Chicken Stick (Single Stick Package)
Most of our single sticks and single strip jerky come in a 36 count point of purchase box. Our jerky is packaged in a 3oz (84g) resealable package. We also offer Private Labeling. This is where we set up a label with your design/layout how you want it. This does however require a government submission which is a $50 fee. If you only want your school logo or Chapter logo added to our preexisting label, that is free of charge.



Beef Jerky
1-60bags $3.50/bag
61-120bags $3.35/bag
121+bags $3.25/bag
Jerky Bags Have a MSRPof $5.00
Single Sticks and Single Jerky’s
1-8 (36ct Box) $24.84/box $.69each (Meat Snacks)
9-16 (36ct Box) $23.76/box $.66each (Meat Snacks)
17+ (36ct Box) $22.68/box $.63each (Meat Snacks)
1-8 (24ct Box) $24.84/box $1.03each (Exotics*)
9-16 (24ct Box) $23.76/box $.99each (Exotics*)
17+ (24ct Box) $22.68/box $.95each (Exotics*)

Poultry Single Jerky
1-8 (30ct Box) $24.84/box $.83each
9-16 (30ct Box) $23.76/box $.79each
17+ (30ct Box) $22.68/box $.76each

Shelf Stable Summer Sausages
1-50 1lb rolls $6.00/per roll
51+ 1lb rolls $5.50/per roll
Shelf Stable Sausages have a MSRP of $10.00 per roll and 82% Profit
Single Sticks (Meat Snacks) have a MSRP of $1.00 58% Profit Single Sticks and Single Jerky (Exotics*) have a MSRP of $1.50 58% Profit
Single Strip Jerky (Turkey) have a

MSRP of $1.25 64% Profit


All Bags of Jerky’s can be mixed flavors order any amount of each you want. All boxes of Single Stick and Single Jerkies can be Mixed order any amount of boxes of each flavor you want. *Exotics are the Venison, Elk, Bison, Antelope, Gator, and Wild Hog Shipping and Handling is based on UPS freight charges. Every order of 8 boxes or more receives 10 Single Sticks free to sell to off set cost of Shipping and Handling.

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